Raise Law "Martyrs Foundation" to the parliament for approval

Twilight News / Committee of the martyrs and victims and political prisoners held a meeting completed the final version of the draft law Martyrs Foundation.

The Committee decided to raise the law to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives for inclusion on the agenda of the next plenary agenda for a vote.

A member of the committee MP Abdul Samad Khalaf Khalaf in a statement to the media office "has been included in the Investment Law Foundation for delivery to self-sufficiency, as well as the text of the attention on the moral rights and the perpetuation of testimony and taking into account the martyrs of the popular crowd and the values ​​of the victims of terrorist attacks."

He said a committee member. "The law also included the criminalization of the Baath party locally, regionally and internationally and the addition of the martyrs of the popular crowd and victims of terrorism to the law of the institution as well as the continued granting of salaries for people with martyr for 25 years."