Assembly of the two economies: the challenges of the reforms needed for a sound strategy and tools

November 2 2015 16:52

Author: alzawraapaper

BAGHDAD / Nada Habib:
Iraqi Economists Association held a scientific symposium dealt with the reforms announced by the government, plans and aspects to ensure the Tnqivha, and greetings and the obstacles and difficulties that stand before implementation and ensure the achievement of the goal with hurt citizens service, and the presence of a group of economists and businessmen, investors, academics and journalists, which included provision of two papers economists to members of the board of directors economists Dr. Akram Abdel Aziz and on behalf of Jamil Antoine, and extensive discussions and wide of the participants.

It focused Dr. Akram Abdel Aziz in a paper discussed at the seminar on the proper application of the reforms optimization and implementation, which should be well thought out strategy scientifically, especially as the Iraqi citizen suffers many aspects in life may be more of an economic half, and delineate the features of the Iraqi state and the foundations built and try to re-Iraq to the ranks of powerful countries economically, and this will only be a comprehensive economic reform and dealing with crises, in terms of the optimal investment for the gas sector and religious tourism production and activation for immediate cultivation of local industry, every sector is linked to activating the other and are all up in the end to treat the housing crisis and unemployment that hit the Iraqi society and pose a dilemma the fact, especially that Iraq is a rich country but the need for a safe environment and an end to the political and security problems and Rkinhajatba being hit the Iraqi economy at heart, and here we need to pause to review economic reforms Oantha government his recent and be the proper form in which it is entitled as announced targets, false all access to it, and be studied extensively from committees and competencies specialist, with a recommendation for moving away affects the income of the citizen who is suffering economically originally, Taxes and try to bring revenue to the home account may generate reflections are not in Massahh reforms, and a very important departure from unilateral dependence on oil revenue and the exploitation of gaseous scholarship which go long years in the air since, minutes to plan religious and recreational tourism and re This alone integrated revenue for the country with the issuance of laws and decisions commensurate global economic development and modernity.

He spoke the economic expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine, about the need to bring elites playoffs and competencies that has deep deliberately crises economy and her experiences in the formulation of plans and strategies carried out and contributed to address the crises of local, Arab and problems and her international contributions to the organizations and conferences, and see that the reforms I caught segments of the middle class did not benefit the class poor, and still Corruption contributes to block any investment efforts or activate sectors Gueyen if Iraq succeeds and the government reinstatement Mhmlh one will not remain on the reform, namely industry and agriculture, which will generate and operates dozens of professions and hundreds of thousands of labor, with the security and political side processing, all the way to the reforms we touch and we see and feel the citizen, not remain slogans and promises and words fired and melted after a period of time.