Minister of Planning and discuss with Lebanese Minister of Industry and activating investment projects Iraq

Our economy / Baghdad - Search Planning Minister Salman Jumaili with Lebanese Industry Minister Hussein Hajj Hassan, and the delegation accompanying him to strengthen bilateral relations between the two brotherly countries.

According to a statement of the ministry and agency of our economy news it received a copy of "Jumaili met in his office in Baghdad and Industry Minister said during the meeting the need to expand cooperation in all fields and to benefit from mutual between the two countries' experiences .. noting that" Lebanon passed through many experiences of wars and the conditions of security is stable though and was able to continue her life as it lasts that there is a lot of experiences that we can benefit from them.

He continued by saying that "the delegation included a group of Lebanese Industrialists, some of whom began to invest in Iraq and purports to others in this direction, as Atalaanahm on the ministry's plans and future directions in the diversification of the sources of the Iraqi economy through the promotion of industry and investors."

Jumaili stressed that "relations between the two countries is very important for Iraq and that these visits will contribute to the strengthening of bilateral relations.

For his part, Lebanese Industry Minister Hussein Hajj Hassan, according to the statement that "Lebanon and Iraq has a long history of political, cultural, social, cultural and economic relations. He stressed the commitment of the Lebanese side to develop these relations and development of present and future for the benefit of the two countries and the region."

He added that "economic cooperation exist since ancient times, continuous and will escalate at all levels in all directions, especially the Lebanese investments in Iraq in several areas such as housing, roads, bridges and industry."

He continued by saying we reviewed during the meeting, many Lebanese investors in Iraq in the field of electrical and food industries and other industries names, stressing that the number of Lebanese proceeded to engage in this path, and there is a fully Lebanese investment in Iraq, there are also Lebanese partnerships with Iraqi businessmen."

He pointed to the willingness of many investors who were briefed on the investment atmosphere in Iraq, especially with the imminent release of the investment law, as amended by the developer to invest in Iraq, and therefore there is a positive investment conditions. He stressed: We are convinced, despite all the political and economic conditions that Iraq is a promising and powerful country not only to Lebanons but for all countries of the world and the region."