Parliamentary Economy: formation of a committee to follow up the granting of loans 5 trillion dinars

Our economy / Baghdad - The economic and investment commission parliamentary confirmed that due to the importance of launching loans for agricultural and industrial sectors of the project and housing, in order to move the market and provide job opportunities and support the GDP has been the formation of a committee to follow up the money and protection from corruption or nepotism or clientelism and mechanisms used by these banks.

Said committee member Rep. Najeebeh Najib that the facilities will be provided through the website are offered the project of the same person or his agent, and showed that there are powers given to the bank branches in the provinces, noting that the amounts awarded will be interest-bearing at 4 percent of the loan amount.

The Committee on Parliamentary Economy and Investment has announced the launch of the five trillion loan in the next month, pointing out that the loan would give the central bank and the banks on the interest rate of 2 percent to be given to the citizen interest rate of 4 percent.