Daughter sister Ocalan back to parliament .. Turkish Consul in Mosul parliament for the first time

Twilight News / Delek returned Ocalan, the daughter of the sister of PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan, who is serving life in prison on the island of Turkey, the Turkish parliament after winning again in the elections held on Sunday.

The Delek Ocalan, one of the 80 politicians of the Kurdish Democratic Peoples' Party who were elected on the seventh of June, after the party won about 13 percent, surpassing the ten barrier percent, the legal minimum required to enter parliament which allowed the party to be represented in Parliament for the first time.

In the early elections that took place yesterday Kurdish party was able to overcome the barrier but also by a little more than ten percent, which allowed the Delek Ocalan return to parliament a parliamentary youngest.

Elections also left enter former Turkish Consul in Mosul, Ozturk Yilmaz to the Turkish parliament for the first time for the ruling Justice and Development Party.

Yilmaz was his consulate and crew, consisting of 49 individuals have been caught in the grip Daash during the control of militants on the city of Mosul in June of 2014. The militants released them after being held for 101 days.

Word of the Turkish Consul name in the report of an Iraqi parliamentary committee investigated the reasons for the fall of Mosul, as one of those involved, but Ankara rejected the allegations.