Kubi and Sistani to make thieves of public money for trial
Iraqna network

November 1, 2015

London explained the Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jan Kubis, after meeting with the Shiite cleric Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani in the holy city of Najaf, they discussed in depth reform files and the need to make efforts to get real reform with the fight against corruption and the prosecution and accountability of stolen public funds and bring to the courts, in addition to discussing the number of displaced people increased to three million displaced people and the vision file in which the United Nations which provide assistance in these areas, thanking the reference for providing advice in connection with the work of the international organization.

Kubiš stressed that it is not correct and feasible only criticism of the reform, but on political and civil society organizations to provide alternative ideas to accomplish real and fundamental reform and measures to combat corruption and prevent it in the future and work to prosecute thieves Iraqi funds. He pointed out that the voice of Najaf, no single component but for all the components and the international community also .. noting that all components of the Iraqi people and all have equal problems.

Kubis said he agreed with al-Sistani on the necessity of having to make real and substantial reform and seek in order to have this reform addresses the needs of all people and that there is a serious effort to accelerate the achievement of the reforms and the fight against corruption and to take preventive measures to prevent the occurrence of corruption and more importantly, to work for They benefited from the prosecution of corruption and stealing people's money and that the people see that the stolen money must be held accountable through a fair trial and to restore the money stolen.

He said during a press conference after the meeting that he discussed with al-Sistani also the fight against al "Daash" file and the need to unite everyone in the face of the deadly threat posed by the organization by providing support to the forces of security, volunteers and the sons of tribal folk and the crowd and the Peshmerga forces who said they have made a lot of sacrifices and martyrs What must provide support to the families of martyrs of the sons of those forces. He warned that the displaced people are suffering and humanitarian situation difficult with the onset of winter .. called on the government and the international community to support them.

He was certified to Sistani recently called on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to continue the reforms initiated by the three months through the "new steps more serious guarantees rid Iraq of the scourge of corruption, which is the mother of the calamities that befell him" before calling Almtsidin officials to combat the achievement of the hopes of the people in maintaining the wealth and achievement aspirations towards a better reality.

The Abadi and within the reforms launched by the ninth of August packs (last August) has abolished the positions of the three Vice-President, the Vice-Presidents of the three government also exempted 123 Deputy Minister and Director-General from office were referred to retirement ... and also decided to reduce the number of ministerial posts to 22 instead of 33 by abolishing the three positions of deputy prime ministers and four ministries and merge eight ministries and make it all-four. He also cut the salaries of senior officials and the abolition of the majority of Hamayatem elements and bring them back to the security forces.

And these reform steps came after weeks of demonstrations in Baghdad and several Iraqi areas, during which protesters demanded the support of the reference Sistani, the fight against corruption and to hold corrupt and an end to the politicization of the judiciary and the provision of services, especially water and electricity.