Qaddo: There's insistence on hosting Abadi in Parliament to discuss the old and new reforms

Baghdad and babysit
- MP for the rule of law nostalgia Qaddo, said a group of members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives gathered signatures to host Prime Minister al-Abadi to discuss the reforms carried out by the executive branch.

Qaddo in a statement to the news agency public opinion (and babysit), on Sunday, said the "House members have collected signatures for host-Abbadi to discuss the reforms carried out by the introduction of new reforms, especially regarding the new salary scale," he said, adding that al-Abadi was not able to to come to the meeting host in Parliament in the last time "because of the emergency connections with the General Command of military forces."

Qaddo said that "council members insist on discussing the files of corruption because they are the most dangerous thing facing Iraq and its people," .