EU: we support the sovereignty of Iraq and the region to consult with Baghdad over oil

EU Member States' embassies in Iraq confirmed, support the sovereignty of Iraq, calling on the Kurdistan Regional Government to consult with Baghdad over oil and the budget for 2016.
According to a statement of the EU, received by all of Iraq [where], a copy of "the EU mission to Iraq and the embassies of member states expressed the Iraqi government's desire to take into account the evolution of the political, economic and social situation in the Kurdistan region," stressing "support the European Union the sovereignty of Iraqi territory and to call for dialogue and calm expressed by the Iraqi government on the political crisis in the region ".
He added that members "expressed concern about the current impasse over the presidency of the region and the risk of internal political differences that would distract from the fight Daash", adding that "all political parties are invited to respect the principles and values ​​of democracy to restore the dialogue in accordance with the principles of democracy and other legal things and stay away from violence in order to reach a settlement that respects the political agreements. "
Union "the ongoing violence in the region, and condemned in particular the attacks on the headquarters of political parties, the media and journalists", offering condolences for "condolences to the families of the victims for their loss," pointing out that "the authorities of the Kurdistan region are invited to bring the perpetrators to justice, what should be on all sides of the regional government and local authorities that keeps the lives of civilians and public property and resolve differences and implications. "
He noted that "it is very important now in light of the huge economic, social and humanitarian challenges and, along with the war Daash, to achieve the necessary unity of the region through the implementation of social and economic reforms and the protection of freedom of the media and re-institutional system."
And he pointed out that "the Kurdistan Regional Government are invited to consult with Baghdad on the subject of oil and budget for 2016 and sent by the central government to the parliament, and as a contribution from the European Union and its member states mission, encourage transparency and openness on the issue and realistic data on the oil and non-oil revenues in the region."
And the price of the Union "strong relationship with the Iraqi government and the provincial government," noting that "the European Union and its Member States and the international coalition against Daash realize the main role and the sacrifices made by the Peshmerga forces, and also appreciate the broad participation provided by the province for security and peace in the region."
"The wide as participation by Alooroi Union and its Member States in Iraq, will remain effective partnership with the institutions and the people in the Kurdistan region, including military support and humanitarian aid and support to the society and the economy and the development of institutions," .