Kubiš confirms after meeting Sistani need to support displaced people and security forces and the crowd

He said UN envoy to Iraq, Jan Kubiš on Sunday after a meeting with Grand Ayatollah Sayyed al-Sistani in Najaf province, the need to support the security forces and the popular crowd and displaced persons.

He said Koptih during a press conference attended by the correspondent of the agency all of Iraq [where] I had the honor very much to meet with Sistani and discussed in depth the development of Iraq and the United Nations in which they can help Iraq and vision and we are very thankful advice and this is important in the United Nations and the international community, adding that he "was discussed The first two issues important need for a real and fundamental reform addresses the need of all people and the second to speed up the fight against corruption and the prosecution of those who stole the people's money to achieve justice and return stolen money. "
And on reforms between the government Kubiš should support reform efforts and ideas put forward by politicians, parliamentarians and international organizations Almjmta to help the government in the reform process. "
He added Kubiš we must "understand that the country faces a deadly challenge by Daash terrorist gangs and everyone meet this challenge and to work with the security and Peshmerga forces as well as increase the number of volunteers to fight it, explaining that the" popular crowd plays an important role in the face of terrorist Daash gangs and must be recognized this role and many members of the crowd were killed during confrontations with Daash Therefore it is necessary to support the security forces and the crowd in the war against terrorism. "
He said to me that he had already discussed with the leaders of the popular crowd on the need to maintain law and human rights during their war with Daash They assured me that we maintain it. "
On the issue of the displaced said Kubiš discussed the issue of displaced persons where more than 3 million displaced people so it has to be from the government and the international community and the United Nations to provide support for the displaced. "
The UN representative to Iraq, Jan Kubiš arrived in the province of Najaf on Sunday and met with Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Sistani .