A member of the parliamentary integrity calls for the restructuring of the offices of inspectors general and granting independence

He called the Integrity Commission, the parliamentary member Haidar Alfoada, to restructure the offices of inspectors general in state institutions, and granting independence decisions.
Alfoada said, in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of which "there is a need to consider the development of offices of inspectors general, and evaluate their performance in the previous stages are based on scientific standards."
"We must be given the Inspector General full independence and shall have the right to pursue his foundation from the minister's office and to the smallest employee, to be of the finest legal talent and well-trained to combat financial and administrative corruption, and otherwise there is no reason of formation of these offices."
And he saw Alfoada "There is no conviction work inspectors general in the ministries, and they are facing orders and directives of the Minister," .