Iraqi PM objects: The Japanese loan will grant 34 billion yen to Kurdistan and Baghdad will pay for it for the next 40 years

Baghdad: The head of al-Erada bloc, MP Hanan al-Fatlawi has called the Parliament not to vote on the draft law of the Japanese loan, that will Kurdistan Region 34 billion Japanese yen ($282 million), as Iraq will have to pay for it for the next 40 years. Fatlawi said on her own account in Facebook, the Parliament discussed a draft law of the Japanese loan, which includes a loan of 34 billion Japanese yen for the Sewerage project of Kurdistan region, while gives electricity projects for all Iraq worth 53 billion yen, including the region as well. She added that the loan will be repaid over the next 40 years, Iraq will Mortgage Basra oil to pay the loan for the region and for all the provinces, confirming that if case of the region’s secession from the center , Iraq will continue to pay the owed amount of Kurdistan. Fatlawi called on “all MPs not to vote on the law.” |