Baghdad/Iraq News Network-House speaker Salim stressed al-Jabouri need activating national reconciliation file.,

Al-jubouri said by attending library statement Sunday, organized a senior tribal, clan, Parliamentary Commission residence in the presence of the Chairman and members of the Commission and members of Parliament and the Director of Tribal Affairs in the Cabinet, and a group of elders and clan elders: "bridges strong clans contributed the maximum to maximum cohesion country and rescued from a swamp of blood", calling for activating national reconciliation file according to practical actions contribute to harmony Among the components of the society.

"the clan" roles, including defending the homeland and nation's soil Earth Liberation Organization terrorist daash to Iraqi blood without exception, "stressing" the strengthening of national cohesion and social fabric and to maintain the prestige of the State, "clans" advancing rows and sharpen disheartening and lead the country to safety and save him than solving its crises and literate. "the head of Parliament to" importance of addressing all the problems left by the sectarian conflict, and give the clans active in this regard, hoping to contribute to the fatwas of the religious authorities in Assisting displaced people in these difficult conditions. "and" the Iraqi tribes cannot be measured by the clan society in any other State, the elders of our clans have depth and considerable political thought ", saying" the most important clans are expected to weaken the prestige of the State, especially in such a circumstance in which we live. "