The parliamentary economy calls on the Government to tighten its procedures to reduce waste
November 1, 2015
Invited Member of the Parliamentary Committee on the economy and investment the Government Smart Najeeb, tighten their procedures to reduce the budgets wastage.

Najib said in an interview that "the issue of wasting funds were too bulky and big, as the waste and corruption was rife at the level of the horizontal weaamodi, so to minimize the reform measures initiated and removed and prevented but they need time in order to reduce waste.

"I'm I grope for that improvement through austerity measures taken by the institutions of the State, and also the lack of income everyone is obligated not to fritter away", emphasizing the importance of the oversight role of stakeholders in reducing waste of money ".

Najib stressed that "the matter needs more seriously and many areas where waste, because the budgets that we find much of it unnecessary to go to waste, Government supposedly emphasized."

Mohammad Saleh appearance was economic advisor to Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, on 12 October, the doors of the Exchange in the fiscal budgets contain corruption.