Congress minorities pinning their presence in parliament to protest the national card law

Commented minority deputies attending parliamentary sessions in protest against the legislation national law of the card, especially in the registration of the child and the parents of a minor religion considered "coercion and discrimination on faith."
The MP said the list of Mesopotamia [Christian] Kanna at a joint news conference with deputies of minority Christian and Yazidi and Sabean Mandaean today that "the House of Representatives voted on a national card law in the past sessions, and ensure that the law in article 26, imposes on the children of minors to follow the religion of converted to the Islamic religion of the parents. "
We were promised this article as "unfair and not consistent with the principles of the Constitution and in breach of its articles [Article / II, Article 37 / II, Article 41, Article 42]."
He explained, "We sought before the vote on the law session to deal with article 26, to ensure that the children of minors to stay on their religion up to the age of 18 and then have the option, or give them the option to religion after the age of eighteen, or the abolition of Article ab being unconstitutional."
He said we were, "The majority of deputies in the parliament did not show any understanding for our demand for the project and voted for a majority on the text contained survival in the bill and Almstl of Law 65 of 1972", stressing that "this text is unfair to the religions of non-Muslim and take away the will of man in his faith and his religion and faith, reverse It was emphasized by the doctrine of Islam [no compulsion in religion ".
Article 26 of the Uniform national card law - which is approved by the House of Representatives in 27 of this month, The Ministry of the Interior by issuing, that "a non-Muslim may switch his religion and according to the law, and follows the boys minors in religion embraced the Islamic faith of their parents."
Also provides that "religion and toggle switch abstract name if coupled with the debt swap in court personal material is not subject in this case for publication."