US President stresses respect for the sovereignty of Iraq and help the financial crisis

A statement to the Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said the US President Barack Obama, confirmed through contact with Abadi, the US administration to respect the sovereignty of Iraq.
According to the statement, which was received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of the Abadi Search "with US President Barack Obama a teleconference on Friday, strengthening the bilateral cooperation between the two countries in various fields and the war on Daash terrorist gangs".
"We also discussed the victories achieved by the armed forces of the army, the police and the crowd of my people and the Peshmerga and the sons of the tribes in different axes and especially in Baiji, also discussed the general situation in Iraq and the region."
The statement quoted al-Abadi, its emphasis on "the importance that the international community stand with Iraq as it faces terrorism Daash gangs and achieve victories them in spite of the many challenges faced by," pointing out that "Iraq has the determination and efforts of its sons to liberate every inch of the land of Iraq and building State and strengthened. "
For his part, President Obama, according to the statement, expressed "full support for Iraq in all fields, especially in the field of war on Daash," adding that "the Iraqi forces and the popular crowd showed outstanding ability in Baiji, Ramadi operations."