Fourth mobile license on its way to hit the interests of the three companies operating in Iraq

Baghdad-Iraq-Presse October -31 said CMC, it plans to launch a fourth mobile license in accordance with international contexts although it "raises resentment" of damaged personal interests, as made ​​clear it is committed to any government decision "definitively" in that regard, although we have with the liberalization of the market and the lack of "Monopoly." And it confirms the experts in the field of communications that Iraq losses due to non-operation of the fourth license since 2005 and has so far estimated at more than $ 10 billion compared to what obtained by the three companies operating in Iraq (Zain Iraq, Asiacell, and Cork). A member of the Board of Trustees of the CMC, Khalil pilot, in a press statement, responded to / Iraq Press /, on Saturday, that "the publication of the disclosure of the desire to apply for a license fourth mobile communications in Iraq of the steps to be followed in any country in the world and according controls and contexts approved by the Commission under the direct supervision of the communications, "expected to" raise resentment decision affected all of his personal interests. " The pilot said that "the monopoly of the telecommunications market could deprive Iraq of the many benefits in the space of international communications," revealing that "the dispute over the eligibility of the fourth license granted for a specific destination, such as the Ministry communications, was still going after did not resolve." And between the Member of the Board of Trustees of the media and communications, that "the government asked for the development of a positive policy on these license and body with the liberalization of the market and not to its monopoly," asserting that "the Commission will raise the hat to the Ministry of Communications and cooperate with it, if the government issued a definitive decision to the premises alone license the fourth." The pilot said that "the body going under the policy conferred by the launch of the fourth license and the liberation of the Iraqi telecom market, they can not wait indefinitely settle the matter, particularly as it operates under specific timetables". He stressed that the "government does not have the perspective of undeclared suggest the possibility of a monopoly license by a certain point," noting that the body "independent and has its own law and is working on according to specific policies and instructions of the paint through which communications space in Iraq," .