Press publishes term "Abadi answers" to questions from the political body of the rule of law

Text answers the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to questions from the political body of the rule of law
Published (range Press) text answers the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on questions put to it by the State of Law coalition, on Sunday, which he affirmed his commitment to continuous communication with the political blocs, while noting that the new salary scale was to achieve the greatest measure of justice among employees, and the answers were as follows:
Dear brothers in the presence of the political body respected reference to your letter dated 10/27/2015 I would like to clarify money comes:

1_ assure that the consultation between the political blocs and the government and the Prime Minister in particular is essential and the basis for the safety of the political process and the importance of holding regular meetings to confirm the principle of advice and payment, and I am keen on this communication and I call for always done in order to put the brothers in what is happening and to listen to their views has attended several times to the House of Representatives and the dialogue with the political blocs to my request for the incorporation of the principle of cooperation between the government and the House of Representatives and the political blocs rather than rivalry and conflict.

2_ the heroic victories and achieved our children in armed and security forces and the crowd and popular Peshmerga and the enormous sacrifices that submit them to defend Iraq and the holy sites and the plans that have been developed under the direct supervision of us to unite the efforts of the fighters on the battlefield, which suffered remarkable successes in Baiji and others require us to arrogance on the marginal differences and unite efforts to achieve a full victory over Aldoaash wicked liberation of the last inch of the land of Iraq, to ​​stir up differences and conflict and we are at the peak of our victories is that leads to the weakening of our fighters, the heroes and who enjoy special care by the general commander of the armed forces to which they relate and by the government and the House of Representatives.

3_ the reforms called for by the supreme religious authority and demanded by the citizens of different segments, which we announced a packaged turn and committed ourselves to that goes within the constitutional and legal sound tracks where they had presented to the Council of Ministers voted unanimously also received the approval of all the political blocs when it was presented to the House of Representatives It was voted on unanimously as presidency of the Council announced that it did not begin implementation only after extensive discussion and vote in the executive and legislative branches.

4_ that the new salary scale, passed by the Council of Ministers is to achieve greater equity between staff, the new peace appointed by low-income and does not constitute a threat to the one on the contrary, it is deducted from the three upper grades ratio does not exceed the 4% and more than three the lower salaries varying degrees of up to 21%, yes got a significant reduction in provisions nominal salaries for Graduate degrees of ministers and deputies and the three presidencies, as well as personal Hamayatem which is the basis of justice and reduce disparities between officials and citizens as demanded by protesters from the people and this certainly does not represent a threat to a particular with a real need for fighters on the battlefield and some of those who have already been withdrawn from the protections on the battlefield and fought valiantly participated.

5_ either with respect to allocation of some of the staff sliced ​​it is still under discussion and deliberation has been listening from specialists and concerned it is important that the House of Representatives contributes to the political blocs to take responsibility in providing adequate allocations for the various aspects of arming and salaries and allocations of the poor, health, education and support for farmers, electricity and other services, Each of these is a priority in spending while imports because of the collapse of oil prices cover only a part of it, that the lack of resources distribution properly and claim to keep spending on what it is before the decline in imports will lead to take into account the strongest segments of society on the weaker sections account and will lead to a failure to provide required to enable the arms of brave fighters to do their duties in the fight against terrorist groups, criminal Aldaashah At that oppression and injustice and severe exposure to the security of society and the country at risk.

6_ that commitment to the completion of the required reforms in the fight against corruption and the replacement of quotas abhorrent professionalism, efficiency and reform of the economic and financial system and developed to provide a decent life for the citizens and not to rely on oil as a single agent, all of that requires further consultation and cooperation between the political blocs and the House of Representatives and the government to pull the country out of the current financial crisis to be the stronger and stronger and achieve full gag victories until the liberation of the last inch of the land of Iraq Aziz.