Parliament extends dismissed Al-jubouri is demanding Legislative opinion to accommodate displaced people

Parliament extends dismissed Al-jubouri is demanding Legislative opinion to accommodate displaced people in mosques, 2015-11-01: House, extended during the regular meeting held today, its legislative dismissal of one month. His statement said that deputies voted in its usual chaired by Salim Al-Juburi, head of the Council in the presence of 251 seats, the two laws and the extension of the first one-month legislative term, as he finished reading the four bills.

At the outset of the hearing the President declared that the meeting is considered the end of the first legislative term of the second legislative year according to the Constitution and rules of procedure of the Council, noting the validity of President or Prime Minister auraeis House proposal to extend the term of one month. The Chairman of the House of representatives that the financial budget for 2016 did not reach the House yet and what was declared by some deputies shame about health, emphasizing the fundamental laws, the Board will proceed even if legislation under laws which were withdrawn by the Government.
After the Council voted overwhelmingly to extend the current legislative term of one month to complete the Bills and the tasks assigned to the Council.

On the other hand, criticized al-Jabouri to shorten some service departments in addressing the crisis of rainwater and the situations of the Iraqis, particularly the displaced, calling on all religious authorities to issue a fatwa to open places of worship to be a shelter for the displaced, emphasizing that Iraq is undergoing important and serious deputies emphasize upgrading services and controlling the performance and accountability of departments strictly remedial. He urged Al-jubouri House take their monitoring and follow-up of the performance of the service departments calling services, migration and health, environment and human rights to convene an emergency session to take appropriate measures at requires implementation by the Government.

On the other hand draw mp Ahmed tracks to a request submitted by 40 deputies to discuss the status of displaced persons and displaced persons after exposure to real disaster because of the rain, calling on the Government to make an exceptional effort from all the institutions of the State to provide the necessary relief and displaced.

Meanwhile Hanan Fatlawi mp submitted a request on the discussion of the new salary scale, noting that if applied will serve a large proportion of staff and would cause a big mess in the country if applied as well as its repercussions in the country emptied of competencies and expertise, noting that the law not cancel the decision, to reconsider licensing rounds in oil and other revenues to finance the budget deficit. In turn, Al-jubouri called the Finance Committee to examine the demand and work on hosting the Prime Minister and the Ministers of oil, finance and planning involved in the salary scale.