Incur significant losses daash Iraqi economy depends on oil wealth in zones of control

The Union: the oil Ministry estimated the daily losses owing to the control organization daash on a number of oil fields in the country up to 400 thousand barrels per day. He said the spokesman of the Iraqi oil Ministry, Assem Jihad said in an interview with the news agency, the Russian "Sputnik", "destroy the Organization of Iraqi oil companies daash pipelines caused damage estimated at billions of dollars. Iraq lost between 300 to 400 thousand barrels per day because of the work of the Organization ".
The spokesman said that the Iraqi army managed to restore most of the oil fields seized by the extremist organization. "The army and security forces managed to push the Organization daash outside Salahuddin province. At present controlled by terrorist groups on a few oil fields in Nineveh province, "adding that the Organization was unable to develop oil fields in Nineveh province due to a lack of technical expertise required.
And was the associated press reported last week that regulation derives from the sale of crude oil from fields controlled in Syria and Iraq around 50 million dollars a month. The organization receives between 10 and 20,000 barrels of oil fields in Iraq, and about 30,000 barrels of Syria, be deprived of oil revenue would be a blow to him.
Jihad noted that daash owns other funding sources other than oil. According to the u.s. Department of Defense, the organization also relies on donations to fund terrorist activities.

He concluded, spokesman for the oil Ministry that the organization tries to steal relics and sabotage, enabling management of stealing Iraqi heritage located in different areas and smuggling, in addition to theft of controlled areas along the oil reserve.
In the meantime, local sources in Kirkuk province by organizing "daash" download more than 30 oil tank each day from fields under its control the southwestern province that sell such quantities of oil through Syria associated dealers.
The source said in an interview that "daash loads over 30 trucks per day of crude oil, which extracts oil fields still dominated during laawachir village near alas fields (100 km southwest of Kirkuk)," he said, adding that the tanks are moving into Nineveh province through Mosul.
The source said on condition of anonymity, that there are areas between Kirkuk and Salahuddin within hamrin mountains is still under the control of the management areas contain large oil wells and large stocks the regulation of stealing oil for pointing out that transporting about 5,000 barrels a day from those oil wells to sell through dealers in Syria linked to it.
The newspaper financial times criticized (15 October 2015) the international coalition led by the United States for "failing" to hinder trade in "black gold" ytrbeh organize "daash" indicated that produced 34 thousand barrels of oil per day.