UNICEF: a generation clueless threatens Iraq's future, the Office of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

UNICEF: a generation clueless threatens Iraq's future, the Office of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in Iraq that nearly 2 million Iraqi children have fallen this year as well as schools and 200,000 others are threatened with being left in no time because of conflicts and violence and displacement. The representative of UNICEF in Iraq Peter Hawkins said in a statement that "the conflict and violence and displacement effect is devastating to education in Iraq", adding that "large numbers of displaced children and Syrian refugees suffer from the disruption of the educational process, threatening Iraq with the loss of a generation clueless full conflict". He "is no longer possible to use the country's school, 5300 equivalent to five schools in the country because they have been destroyed or damaged or turned into a shelter for displaced families or used for military purposes by the parties to the conflict".
And though he Hawkins for "impressed by the insistence of students and teachers in the country to continue learning where long distances and sometimes risked their lives to reach school and achieve their goals".
The UN Organization was constructed last year, 40 new schools in Iraq and equipped 141 classrooms across the country, as well as establishing temporary learning square 1585 more than 220 thousand displaced persons from completing their education.

The territory earns export issue a delegation from Kurdistan to visit Baghdad soon to discuss the EU budget

Oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said Saturday that a high-level delegation from the Kurdistan region will visit Baghdad soon to discuss the territory's budget next year. Abdul-Mahdi told reporters after meeting with local governments to discuss issues related to the transfer of powers to the provinces produced in Dhi Qar Province, the delegation will also discuss oil agreement concluded between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Federal Government in Baghdad.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of natural resources in the Government of the territory of krdstanan us Court rejected the claim of the Federal Oil Ministry against Kurdistan. The Ministry said in a statement that "Court of Texas rejected the claim of the Federal Oil Ministry against the Kurdistan Regional Government, stating that the Court considered the lawsuit without basis". The statement said that "there is no legal impediment to the Kurdistan Regional Government in the United States and the world to sell oil of Kurdistan independently".
U.s. Court in Texas last year ordered the detention of about 2014 million barrels of crude oil.
The agreement between Arbil and Baghdad and location during the formation of the current Iraqi Government last year that the territorial Government to export an average of 550 thousand barrels of crude oil per day to the benefit of the Iraqi oil Ministry, including 300 thousand barrels of Kirkuk and 250,000 barrels from the territory, Baghdad is committed to sending share the territory of Iraq budget amounting to 17%, but both sides claim the other party's non-compliance with the agreement and with the budget law.