Parliamentary Finance committee: Hoshyar Zebari mentioned Erbil only of the provinces of the region in the Japanese loan

Shafaq News / The Decision maker of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi Parliament MP , Ahmed Haji of the Kurdistan Islamic Group accused on Saturday, the Minister of Finance ,

Hoshyar Zebari that he forgot Sulaymaniyah , Dohuk and Halabja provinces on the issue of the Japanese loan with the exception of Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan Region that he has mentioned.

Haji wrote on the social networking pages, that the Finance Committee will examine the eighth band of its agenda for today set to discuss what has been allocated of funds to Kurdistan Region in the Japanese loan, which amounts to one billion and four hundred and seventy million dollars, "adding that" the loan had been identified that it is to Erbil, at a time that the borrowing is a sovereign subject and all the provinces must participate in it. "

He added that "the Minister of Finance should not distract the three provinces in that loan."

It is said that Japan International Cooperation Agency "JICA" had agreed earlier this year to give Iraq a loan of $ 3.5 billion divided on a range of loans.