Iraq Sunnis their backs to Abadi and heading to Al-Maliki

Roodao-Erbil component seems to be moving towards an agreement with the Sunni Vice President, Nouri al-Maliki, to withdraw authorization for the Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi for repairs.

The leadership of the Alliance, said Iraqi forces Dhafer Al-Ani (the biggest Sunni bloc in the Iraqi Parliament), that "the motives which proceed to evaluate the performance of the Government Al-Abadi, differ from that of your contacts in State law, against Al-Abbadi for personal reasons, and we are not a party to such attempts".

ANI, however, "there are points in common between all parties, that the reforms did not touch the origin of problems afflicting Iraq, and not to the desired level, as well as non-real solutions to the crisis at all levels".

Attorney for the State of law Coalition Kazem Sayadi, attacked Al-Ibadi told reporters, saying that its decisions are "bad and ill-considered and non-constructive, and not based on any constitutional article aukanonih, and they put the Government in a difficult situation", as 45 deputies from the bloc threatened to withdraw powers from the Abadi.

The leadership said in a leading Civic Democratic Fahmy, "power affected by process of reforms, the new salary scale for the attack on Al-Abadi".

He said Fahmi, a former Minister in the Government of Maliki, "not with the withdrawal of the authorisation or withdraw confidence from Abadi, but we support any effort to move forward", pointing out that "Undo decisions taken, would lose its seriousness, reforms and jeopardize the credibility of the results".

In describing the State of law Coalition mp Ali al-allaq, described as a close associate of Al-Abadi, a request the House as personal and political, said in an interview that "the personal attitudes of individuals do not represent the party invitation and do not represent the party's Shura leadership and even the Politburo".