Najaf airport tops Iraq's airports by 237 trip and more than 32 thousand passengers per week

News source: Ali Salman
Section: Economic page
October 31, 2015 at 8:29 am

Najaf international airport announced cruised the Baghdad and Basra International Airport, according to statistics released by the Iraqi civil aviation authority for the period from 8-14/10/2015, as a member of airport management.

Hassan said Iraq "followed statistics released by the Iraqi civil aviation authority for the period from 8-14/10/2015 and indicated that those statistics issued Najaf airport in preparation to flights, passengers at airports in Baghdad and Basra."

"This is not the first time that tops out Najaf airport airports in Iraq, according to official statistics issued by the civil aviation authority.

Airport operations manager told Mr. Ali Khalil, "according to official figures, Najaf International Airport won first place among international airports in Baghdad and Basra by 237 trip come loaded on board more passengers and 237 32456 journey leave loaded on board 27260 traveling to and from the various countries of the world."

Adding "Baghdad International Airport came second by 200 flight come loaded on board 20162 199 passengers and trip leave loaded aboard 20124 traveling came to Basra International Airport ranked third by 99 trip come loaded on board 9031 101 passengers and loaded aboard outbound flight 7425 traveling."

It is noteworthy that the international airport of Najaf, Iraq's airports issued for more than a year and a half, according to official statistics, the airport recorded 100 flight arriving and leaving in one day to mark the arbaeen to visit last year that unless Iraq's airports registered since its inception to date.