Granting of consent for the establishment of 13 investment projects

31 10 2015

DHI environment awarded this month 13 approval of industrial and agricultural activities. with ur company confirmed the general reluctance of the MoE to pay debts amounting to 16 billion dinars, Wasit health destroyed large quantities of food unfit for human consumption.

The Director of environment Thi Mohsin Aziz told» morning»: that the Directorate has awarded during October 13 consent for Administration of various industrial and agricultural activities within the controls and instructions established by the Ministry of the environment, adding that the activities included plants and blocks fields poult and other projects, noting the continued granting of approvals environment condition as determinants of commitment control work by teams of a special Directorate to ensure compliance with the legislation and laws and application of actions against illegal activities and deterrent penalties of up to fines or closure of their Sometimes activities. in another context, called ur company Director Ministry of industry Haider Sahar told
» morning» Ministry of electricity company debt by 16 billion dinars assets as receivables contracts concluded during the past period to purchase cables and wires.
The Ministry of electricity were reluctant about buying products that feature specifications for durability, quality and superiority of product importer and resorted to buying products from companies in the private sector, adding that the production company can cover 90 percent of the needs of the Ministry Alkabloat electricity and wiring. He watched the non-payment of debts following the electricity Ministry on salaries of employees of the company and reflected on the financial obligations towards contractors and suppliers of raw materials needed for the work of the company in Basra also said the province health Director Dr. Jabbar Al-yasiri for

» morning» health control Division carried out an inspection campaign on shops selling foodstuffs in conservative districts markets resulted in monitoring large volumes of these substances proved suitable for human consumption laboratory. He added that the Department started cooperation with chock damage amounts of juices and milk (dialak), legumes, cheese, canned milk, chocolate, frozen chicken and meat to invalidity. Ravi invited citizens to cooperate with health teams for news about any expired foodstuffs, meanwhile warned shopkeepers to keep any of these articles, to set up a Special Chamber to intensify supervision over food in the shops.

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