Presidencies underlines "the deliberate austerity" out of the financial crisis
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Thread: Presidencies underlines "the deliberate austerity" out of the financial crisis

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    Presidencies underlines "the deliberate austerity" out of the financial crisis

    Presidencies underlines "the deliberate austerity" out of the financial crisis, Baghdad/range press

    The three presidencies, confirmed on Friday the need for austerity steps to eject Iraq from financial crisis, and stressed the importance of the return of their requirements, noting that Iraq would have a role in the stability of the region.

    The Presidency said in a statement received (range), a copy of it, that "the President Fouad Massoum and Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi and Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jabouri met, Thursday, at the Peace Palace in Baghdad", stating that "during the meeting discussed the security and economic situations, and ways to address reforms file issues and current challenges".
    The statement added that "the Meeting w victories achieved by our armed forces against terrorist daash full spend Baiji and Jabal Makhul regions and towns in Anbar and Kirkuk", citing b "military resolve of the Iraqi army and security forces and the crowd and the peshmerga and tribesmen".

    The statement added that "the meeting discussed the financial and economic situation and stressed the need for austerity steps considered by other steps to eject Iraq healthy financial distress", stressing "the need to continue to strive to provide an atmosphere and demands the return of displaced persons to their homes of origin, including community and national reconciliation".
    The statement noted that "the meeting expressed hope that stability returns to Syria after eliminating daash", stressing that "Iraq will play an effective role in achieving such stability within the international efforts".
    He was Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, confirmed Tuesday (27 October 2015) that 40 trillion dinars remains to the Iraqi State and that these funds are not sufficient to pay and retirement that need to be covered to 50 trillion dinars, he pointed out that the situation is going to a standstill if not salary actions. In another context, he met President Fuad maasum, head of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar Hakim, Thursday and called for the authorities concerned should be made every effort to provide food and medicine to those affected by rainfall, with emphasized elaboration of strategy to the development of public services and continue over the long term, research developments and political war against daash.

    He said the Presidency's press office in a statement received (range), that "the President Fouad Massoum was greeted in Baghdad Thursday, Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq".
    The statement said that "during the meeting discussed political and security developments and service, particularly regarding the conduct of the war against terror, daash victories achieved in this area".
    The statement said that "it was emphasized that efforts to defeat terrorism, and activation of international support in support of Iraq, as well as work to resolve problems and unite nationally to stave off threats to the country".
    On rainwater damage infallible and Hakim underlined by the statement "that the authorities concerned are making every effort to provide food, medicine and blankets for the victims, and to develop practical strategy for organizing, developing and promoting public services immediately and in the long term".

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    Re: Presidencies underlines "the deliberate austerity" out of the financial crisis

    I am sorry for the double post, I usually try to look first.

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