Protesters Dhi Qar condemn the new salary ladder is upheld as a "wrong move"
Friday October 2015 30
Dozens of the sons of the province of systems of Dhi Qar, on Friday, a demonstration center of Nasiriyah to demand the implementation of further government reforms and the fight against corruption, while denouncing the new salary ladder, Adin him a "wrong move".

The reporter said Alsumaria News in Dhi Qar, said that dozens of residents of Dhi Qar province demonstrated, this afternoon, the center of the city of Nasiriyah, pointing out that the demonstrators demanded the government to implement further reforms and the fight against rampant corruption in state institutions.
He added that the demonstrators Dhi Qar expressed strong disapproval about the blessings of the new salary promised a "wrong move".

The Baghdad and other provinces experiencing weekly mass demonstrations to protest against the rampant corruption in government institutions, and to demand accountability embezzlers and corrupt and the implementation of government reforms.