Turan: salary scale contrary to the Constitution does not apply to Parliament

Counting the parliamentary legal committee member Hassan Turan, the government's decision in the hierarchy of the new salary as "contrary to the Constitution does not apply to the House of Representatives."

Said Tauran told all of Iraq [where], that "Parliament has decided to host the Prime Minister and the ministers concerned to discuss the salary scale, and I think that the adoption of this peace without passage in the House of Representatives, is contrary to the Constitution and the law, because some ministries grant allocations based on laws, such as health, higher education and research Scientific, and there is no decision in any democratic state can breach the law. "
He added that "the mandate given to the prime minister is a mandate in the framework of the Constitution and the law may not be Khrgahma in the reform proposal, and if there is a need to provide the state resources there are possible lead to the same purpose without reducing salaries, such as increasing some of the products sold by the government to increase the price measures the official dollar exchange rate and other, without affecting the citizens. "
Tauran pointed out that "in the absence of investment projects have become the employees' salaries the main engine of economic power and purchasing power in the country and reduce the force does not affect employees citizens damage only, but affects the whole economic process in the country."
He pointed to the "non-use of government experts in the development of the new salary ladder, and it was possible the most efficient decisions out of this and we hope that the government reconsider it and absorb the street."
A member of the legal committee in Parliament, said that "the House of Representatives when the Constitution which acknowledged a clear clause that the House of Representatives and the Supreme Judicial Council are immune to the salary scale, do not say do not get a reduction in them, but the law of the House of Representatives because it is not belonging to the Council of Ministers Department to follow its decisions, We are not talking about people, but about institutions, and to maintain the independence of the legislative and judicial institutions will save the prestige of the country and democracy, "he said.
The Council of Ministers decided on 13 October of this, modify the salary scale Annex law salaries of state employees and the public sector No. 22 for the year 2008, and the unification of allocations charged by all state employees and reduce the differences between them.
This decision caused the exit of demonstrations of the various segments of the staff Adin him as "unfair" The Prime Minister's Office announced Haider al-Abadi for "a review of the decision, and in particular the provisions of University Lecturers by an ad hoc committee in the Council of Ministers",
The House of Representatives decided to host-Abbadi and ministers concerned about this decision, which he attributed prime minister last Tuesday during a meeting by Professor universities to "lower oil prices dramatically and enter the country in a war that drains big money from the budget, and he did not reduce allocations within what we want to do, but repeated declines in global oil prices led to some of the measures because of the seriousness of the financial situation, ".