In the parliamentary economy by calling for the adoption of private sector projects to move the local market

He called a member of the economic and investment commission in Parliament to rely on private sector projects to move the local market within the country, while the rise in oil prices.

And between Ahmed Kanani told all of Iraq [where] that "the project of industrial and agricultural lending an important part of the diversification of the state's resources, adding that" Iraq is suffering from an economic disease which rely ironing on oil and this evidence of lack of development of Iraq economically.
He explained Kanani "The draft industrial and agricultural lending even came late in 2015, but it will be another resource or partially substitute for the diversification of the resources assigned to the budget," noting that "this loan will have an important role in raising the economic level and move the market in Iraq."
"The private sector companies require state funds projects carried out in the provinces and ministries decades did not receive any amounts due to lack of sufficient funds to cover these projects, which leads the private sector and Bmcn that the economic market moves within the country until the high oil prices."
He Kanani that "the oil, gas and metal Iraqi constitution money from the right of the people is supposed to go the money to support the Fund for Future Generations or Wi investment citizen can take from this money to ensure his safety," stressing that "Iraq has to offend the money economically and politically.