Allawi: billions wasted undone citizen's most basic elements of a decent living

Baghdad-Iraq-Presse -30 Chrlaan first / October: The head of the national coalition, Iyad Allawi, to rescue the displaced families from the effects of heavy rains in the country.​ He said in a press statement, bendy / Iraq Press /, a copy of it on Friday, "warned repeatedly of the difficult conditions and the conditions experienced by displaced inside Iraq, and demanded the government and the concerned authorities and human and international organizations rights and in more than one occasion, the creation of plans and develop solutions for millions IDPs of our people, especially during the winter season and the difficult conditions that will accompany this season. " He noted that because of the deep corruption that has paralyzed the infrastructure of the country where billions spent is calculated, became a citizen lacks the most basic elements of a decent living and suffering from a lack of basic services, which is a legitimate right for all.
It is said that camps for displaced people on the outskirts of the capital and in Anbar province, Baghdad had been drowned because of the constant rain four days ago. And evacuated thousands of displaced families rescue teams to dozens of mosques in Baghdad, under the guidance of the President of the Sunni Endowment as an emergency measure until repair the damage that has plagued the camps.