Urgent Abadi answer in writing the state's Aleghanon..omsdr reveals [where] the most prominent axes

2015/10/30 19:27

A senior source revealed, for the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, a written answer from the coalition of state law questions - who belongs Alih- on the implementation of reforms.

The source told all of Iraq [where] that "a coalition of state law and its relevance to answers Abadi, writing," adding that "the coalition will announce its position later."

He explained that "the most prominent questions axes were about appointments and security positions carried out by al-Abadi, including the appointment of [Imad Khersan ] as Secretary-General of the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the targeting of reforms to party without the other and applied without consultation with the State of Law bloc.

"He added," also included the question about the reasons for not supporting the popular crowd, "he said." answer Abadi for these and other questions.

"He was scheduled to meet Prime Minister Haider Abadi, the first on Wednesday at his request with a coalition of state law to clarify "the allegations of excesses" in the implementation of reforms, but bad weather and heavy rains led to postpone the meeting until further notice.

The senior source revealed, for demanding the rule of law, Abadi clarify the "excesses" in the implementation of reforms and between for [where], "The Alliance believes that al-Abadi began to exceed the powers of parliament and the powers of his office and without consulting the coalition or political blocs."

He added that "the rule of law Khairat al-Abadi either by reference to him or the relationship with him cut and it does not represent the coalition in office as prime minister." He pointed out that "these demands be answered Abadi, the liberation and submit it to the state of law."

The media has quoted a statement of the number of members of a coalition of state law, the withdrawal of authorization coalition that granted to Ebadi in the House of Representatives in August "to its uniqueness decisions and lack of consultation by with the political blocs. ".

The statement said" in light of stuck Prime Minister lack of consultation with the political blocs policy as well as a coalition of state law, also were surprised by the decisions of appointment and removal and exemption in a number of sensitive positions in the Iraqi military state, including the security, political and service, has strengthened the conviction we have that Exclusivity policy became severely harming the supreme interests of the people and represent a serious threat to the political process.
"and denied MP for the rule of law Nazim al-Saadi, the withdrawal of the authorization for Abadi stressing's [where] that he is" baseless and has no reality.

"But the MP for the call and a close associate of Prime Minister Ali Keywords revealed "the existence of Gulf agenda to push some deputies of state law for the withdrawal of the mandate of the Prime Minister."

Keywords and said Thursday's [where], "A group of members of the state law living since a state of dissatisfaction and emotion is expressed different addresses in the media or through the objections in the House of Representatives.

"He added Keywords, that" this group utilize an approach Tsagattiya and take advantage of some of the statements of the accusations in order to split the coalition, noting, they did not give up on this approach and dealt very passively with the prime minister, "he said that "this group of MPs do not represent the state of law and that the bloc leaders will not allow any rebellion or split inside and out" .anthy 2