A source familiar with the integrity Commission told (WAM) MLAs fled to Kurdistan

30/10/2015 10:33

Trade Minister Abdul Karim MLAs had attempted to travel _ escape _ through Baghdad airport since the first day of an arrest warrant against him, we have to stop him and returned _ responsibility _ a move not taken by anyone before, not only in body integrity and not in others.

But then the behavior of the road to Kurdistan, has concerned the implementation of the arrest warrant and the Ministry headquarters, but there was a fugitive, the Prime Minister commissioned Mr. Mohammed sheyaa of the Sudanese Department Agency a few days ago.

And information _ almost certain _ that's escaped a final irreversible.

This, if anything, demonstrates the strength of the evidence submitted by the Commission, and that the Minister had been aware of the power and significance of the corruption, decided to flee.

We have a duty and we picked up bmso'litna, and something we stormed one dare it, although many at the highest levels weren't satisfied with our many arguments, seemingly innocent but its something else knowing when God ...

And don't tell anyone, what is the benefit after escaping!! Because the answer is simply:

1. we have our duty, our responsibility, and it is the responsibility of other fugitive retrieval.

2. I have stopped corrupt, and stopped him from continuing corruption and we removed him from responsibility, in addition to exposing and debunking standing behind him!

And all these things one لبجرؤ them, otherwise I ask:

The number of members of Parliament 328 seats, why not interview the Minister _ despite knowing the corruption _ and why did they depose him!! Why not have him as loud voices against the other, but my many strong relationships with him, including the President of the Parliamentary Committee on integrity and some heads of clusters, and you comment here to know the causes of this strong relationship!!