Qabbanji calling on the government to return the money "stolen" and modify the salary scale

Follow-up - and babysit - called the imam of Juma Najaf, Sadr al-Din Qabbanji, Government to amend the new salary scale, which "caused significant damage to the middle and lower class," stressing the restoration of the looted money to projects delusional and aliens and reduce salaries massive, while noting that Saudi Arabia "will not reap only shame that proceeded to kill Sheikh Tiger ".

Said Qabbanji in political speech in Husseiniya Fatimid in Najaf, "The Iraqi government must have to recover funds looted by aliens and deducting salaries and huge reduction Alaivadat enormous and grants in excess of all deductions of state employees instead of employees' salaries that do not solve the problem of the deduction," asserting that " The latest salary scale great harm middle-class and poor. "

He called Qabbanji, to "modify this peace commensurate with providing a decent living for employees," also called "secure life and a decent living for rally public and the families of martyrs and wounded of them, and that what was allocated to rally popular in the 2016 budget is not commensurate with their sacrifices and achievements."

In another matter, called on local governments in Iraq and the central government's "support those affected by the rains", while calling on residents to "continue their support for the displaced, especially in such circumstances."

On the other hand, Qabbanji that, "said Husseini rituals in the revival of this year was world-class and knew the reality of the Shiite world Shiism and made whiter image of Islam versus the black image provided by Daash that."

And on the Saudi court's endorsement of the rule of Sheikh Tiger execution, Qabbanji said that "Saudi Arabia will not reap only a shame that proceeded to kill Sheikh Tiger," adding, "I will not keep silent about any blood shed in the Kingdom and will rule would not last, because millions of Shiites sympathize with the Shiites Saudi Arabia is also in sympathy with all the oppressed. "

Addressing Qabbanji Arabia saying "Haspoa platforms, which calls for the killing of Shiites and the legalization of blood in public and non-claimants legitimate rights of the demonstrators held accountable," noting that "Saudi Arabia is invited to review the verdict and drop and release of Sheikh Tiger".