President Barzani and the commander of the US Central Command discuss preparations for the Liberation of Mosul

[14:33] 15 / Oct / ​​30

President Barzani and the commander of the US Central Command discuss preparations for the Liberation of Mosul

Erbil October / October 30 (PNA) - The Head of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, on Thursday 29/10/2015, in the city of Arbil, the US Central Command, Gen. Lloyd Austin, and a delegation accompanying him consisted of, the US ambassador in Iraq, Stuart Jones and a number of officials and military advisers in the US military, according to a statement of the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region.

The statement added that General Austin pointed out during the meeting to "successful steps to forces Alپیhmrگh which had a significant impact on the progress in the war on terrorists Daash in all axes" praising "the sacrifices Alپیhmrگh forces," declaring that "the American city of sacrifices Alپیhmrگh forces in the war on terror." He pointed out that "the joint operation between the special forces in Alپیhmrگh US forces carried out in Hawija, reflected the higher coordination and trust between the two sides," thanking supervisors leaders on that process.

For his part, President Barzani, spoke about the gains and victories that have been achieved against militants organize Daash, reiterating that "those victories came thanks to the sacrifices of Alپیhmrگh forces and support for the international coalition complementary to each other."

President Barzani also touched on the landing Hawija process, noting that "the process was a turning point in the war on Daash and the fruit of high and successful coordination between Alپیhmrگh forces and the forces of the international coalition, which resulted in saving the lives of 69 people from the grip of Daash, was a serious blow to the prestige of Daash".

They also discussed during the meeting, to secure supplies for the military forces Alپیhmrگh and to prepare for the process of liberalization of Mosul, the field and the situation in the fronts of confrontation with the terrorists in Anbar province and other areas of Baiji

The meeting was attended by all of the security of the Kurdistan Region Council adviser, Barzani, and the interior minister in the government of the territory, and Acting Minister of Alپیhmrگh cream Hnگala, and members of the General Command of forces پیhmrگh Kurdistan, Abdul Rahman Shirvan team, and the team Jabbar Yawar.