Sadr shows the position of Iraq's entry in the Vienna negotiations

12:21 10/30/2015

Said the cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, on Friday, pushing Iraq in the Austrian capital Vienna conference on finding a solution to the Syrian crisis "scrawny and not feasible."

Sadr said in response to a question by a group of writers and journalists on his mind with the participation of Iraq in the Vienna conference to find a solution to the Syrian crisis, posted on his official website, "after all the blood that was spilled on the land of Syria beloved .. It's a lie .. It's a trick .. It criminality particular. "
He said al-Sadr, that "pushing Iraq in those negotiations would be tiny and not feasible."

Hosted Vienna, capital of Austria, on Thursday (October 29, 2015) quadrilateral meeting on Syria included the US, Russian and Saudi and Turkish foreign ministers, to hold extensive talks on the Syrian crisis, as would be held on Friday, expanded talks joined by all of Egypt and the UAE, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Qatar , in addition to Iran, which is participating for the first time in international talks on Syria.