Certified Sistani: the corruption of previous governments, the current rains cause damage

Writings Friday, October, 201 530

Baghdad Iraqi National / Agency News / Nina / criticized certified religious authority in Karbala, Mr. Ahmed net concerned authorities in the central government and local governments and previous governments for the establishment of networks to drain rain water deficit, calling on citizens to help displaced people living in difficult conditions under the loss of large amounts of rain.

Safi said in his Friday sermon la carte Husseini: 'One of the main duties of the central government or local governments exploit Yes God for this country in order to serve the citizens, noting that if the government did not their duty in this area has grace turn into a curse, as happened in the last few days which saw heavy rainfall, Valmatar of the greatest blessings Alahih on humans and the season of the rainy season is better and the blessings, but it is unfortunate that he has caused in these days in the suffering of many citizens because different governments have not done their duty in the establishment and reform of rain water drainage networks, when there was an abundance Financial enough so officials did not create, and Vidhiron But today there was not enough allocations, and citizens are today paying the price for the corruption of officials'.

He added: 'In these days experiencing rainfall in large quantities increased the suffering of our brothers and sisters in displacement camps, and reports indicate that they live under tragic conditions that intolerable', noting: 'It is the responsibility of helping them is the responsibility of us all, and we call upon all citizens to come to their rescue and provide assistance to them all According to available to him in order to preserve their dignity and Azathm, Doing this important humanitarian and Islamic increases the national cohesion between the sons of this people. "

And on the military operations against al-Daash net, said: 'The great victories achieved by the heroes of the armed forces and volunteers and members of the clans those who care about in recent battles must be given carefully officials from various positions and gain from them lessons and lessons for Astavdh them in the coming battles, you must provide all the capabilities available to the troops Fighting on their needs and provide other needs that can leave even met last time in a while exceeded the financial crisis'.

He stressed: 'the importance of coordination between the pieces of combat various titles as one of the most important recent victories factors, it must for the leaders concerned to make more effort to further coordination between them, with the need to take caution and not to negligence on the enemy in different fronts, it takes the opportunity wherever I had him, and if lost in the site tried to startles in another site for it to be pieces of the military to be vigilant and not allow him infiltration '.