Lobby in Washington of arming Kurdish Peshmerga direct/continue/Baghdad news magazine "foreign policy"

American company "ribern House Office building" on capital Hill, which is the actual Ambassador of semi-autonomous Government in northern Iraq were presented to a group of deputies of the Congress and the American businessmen of Kurdish origin and a number of new tourism guidebook for journalists in an effort to promote travel to the region and encouraging environment for investment.
The author of the article, said Bill Allison, the representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government in the United States, Youssef Abdel-Rahman's statement, made to attend a presentation of difficult days on Iraq and the threat posed to organize "Islamic State", and the flood of refugees that reaches some two million people and the valiant Peshmerga.
The author says that the development and promotion of tourism by the lobby was collected the same number of deputies in Congress and businessmen are busy in another process is trying to push us President Barack Obama to change his decision and sent directly to the peshmerga instead of sending them to the Shiite-dominated Government in Baghdad.
The files indicate which submitted by FARA to Kurds and other foreign Governments are ready to open the financial coffers and using research centers, lobbies which take "to street" headquarters in Washington to support issues and influencing foreign policy goals.