Araji: the cries of some to change the prime minister to try to escape from reality

Deputy Prime Minister Almrhq Bahaa al-Araji said on Thursday, that the cries of some change Prime Minister represents an attempt to escape from reality.
A statement by his office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of "save Iraq from the problems and crises that passes by is not only unify the ranks and faith in the spirit of teamwork and work to forget differences and overcome the mistakes of the past, noting that" this is by making the reforms into effect does not work or thinking about changing the prime minister. "

"The case that reached the country can not bear the Prime Minister in person, but borne by all the political blocs shared the political process, as though fashions that we hear from some of the need to change the prime minister does not only represent an attempt to escape from reality."

Araji pointed out that "the difficult stage through which our country, require us to self-denial and take responsibility seriously and give priority to the public interest to own so that we can overcome the crises, in particular those relating to the liberalization of the areas under the influence of Daash terrorist gangs, and file financial crisis that could pose a threat real can not escape it, ".