World Bank: improvement in the economies of the Arab region

Agencies - World Bank report revealed improvement in the pace of reform of the systems business activities in the Middle East and North Africa over the past year, in spite of conflict and turmoil.
The report pointed out that the United Arab Emirates topped the list of the region's economies, as it was ranked 31st globally, and pointed out that the UAE is the only economy in the region that has made reforms in the field of enforcement of contracts, and as a result, it takes resolve trade by conflicts 495 days, which is less than average in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development high-income economies, which up to 538 days.

The report also confirmed that Saudi Arabia has made the biggest improvement in the world in the field of property registration, having introduced a new electronic system does not increase through the time of registration on the six days, and came first Oman globally in the field of access to electricity after that improved methods of measuring and tracking power outages, making it easy to evaluate the reliability of electricity and its effects on the productivity of companies.

The report said the economies that suffer from conflict and violence came bottom of the list, including Iraq «Order 161», Libya «188», Syria «175», Yemen «170». Q, Q