Iraqi ports move a lawsuit against Bank of Iraq

Thursday 29-10-2015 | 10:03:20

Twilight News / Iraqi ports have established a lawsuit against the Rafidain Bank branch stronghold of non-commitment to provide liquidity to the salaries of its members.

Said in a statement it responded to Twilight News that the Bank of Iraq "caused significant damage financially and morally for workers in the ports on the one hand and to run the company on the other hand claim for compensation for the delay approximately four billion Iraqi in not configured for the purpose of receiving and disbursement of its members monthly salaries."

Decided Directors as Director General Chief Engineer Riad Sawadi Shamkhi "complaint against Rafidain Bank stronghold branch" and pointed out that "the company will distribute the salaries of its employees at several banks in order for the company on this basis control in receipts because he is so possible fragmentation of the five one billion to more from a bank as is the case for the staff of the ports of Umm Qasr and Khor Al-Zubair which was Mpelgehma receipt and distributed on time to Mnzbehma for adoption to another bank. "

The Director General pointed out that "the company is determined in the future seek to adopt the smart card in staff salaries and it will start proceedings in the coming days it is worth mentioning that Mr. Director-General had sent a letter of apology to the staff of the Iraqi ports illustrates the reason for delaying the distribution of salaries and between it outside of the will In the company the following text message. "