A court ordered the arrest of Chairman of the Board of Diwaniyah seven days pending investigation files of corruption

Diwaniyah-Iraq Press October -29: Integrity issued a Court of Appeal judge Qadisiyah, Thursday, arrest warrant for a period of seven days from the chairman of the province of Diwaniyah Jubair Salman al-Jubouri, against the backdrop of an administrative investigation into the corruption files.​ A government source from within the Council, he was transferred Speaker Jubair Salman al-Jubouri to one of the security centers for the purpose of investigation into those charges, without giving further details. And failed Diwaniya Provincial Council, on the eighth of October of this, the questioning boss Jubair Salman al-Jubouri, the successor files corruption charges because of lack of quorum for the session is complete.
The head of the Council of Diwaniyah agency Haider al-Shammari, at the time, that "the lack of a quorum to hold a regular meeting delayed from Tuesday, and wait for the completion of the regular meetings within the hall for more than 45 minutes, we missed an opportunity to examine the President of the Council." It saw Diwaniyah, similar to other Iraqi governorates, since the first of August, protest demonstrations on the spread of corruption in state institutions and demanded, for the past 5 consecutive collection, the sacking of the provincial council and the assignment of corrupt officials to justice.