The United Nations offers assistance for the recovery of funds smuggled
By: wab1
Date: Thursday, 29-10-15 06:34 am

Baghdad/Baghdad newsletter
The United Nations expressed full support to the action body integrity last fight
Corruption, confirmed its readiness to send international experts to discuss mechanisms of assistance required for the recovery of funds.

The representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq (Jan Kubiš) according to a statement issued by the integrity Commission received "Baghdad" news "that the United Nations fully support the recent Commission of integrity measures in the fight against corruption," expressing the readiness of OSCE to UN aid body; to strengthen its steps in the fight against corruption, implementation of the requirements of the UN Convention against corruption.
He noted that the United Nations cannot be a substitute for international agreements, but it can definitely provide assistance to Iraq in the issue of recovery of money wanted suspects leaked to outside help in the conclusion of bilateral agreements, and the investment items of the United Nations Convention against corruption on recovery of the accused ".
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