Abadi change, international equation

By Mohammed Emad

29/10/2015 04:09

Ala Hadi Hattab
Also, determine the character of the Iraqi prime minister after 2003, and so far are international understandings, particularly between the pivotal attached posed by the player president of the United States and tools of the Arab Gulf states and in some cases Turkey, and between the axis of resistance "Iran-Russia" and Adautem the Iraq and Syria Lebanon and Yemen now entered the line axes and sometimes China indirectly.

These two axes mainly driven Middle East region as an area of ​​operation suitable for their conflict between the world is unipolar and this is what seeking perpetuating the United States and a bilateral or multi-polar and that is what is trying to created by Iran, Russia and China As a result, large and very many side conflicts taking place in this space.

One of these conflicts due to get is the internal arrangement of the Securities countries "tools axes conflict."

Choose the Iraqi Prime Minister falls within this circle and the guide three successive governments of two of the 2005-2014 experience, headed by Mr. Nouri al-Maliki, the current and the third headed by Haidar al-Abbadi, and these governments emerged in connection with the formation of international role clearly and openly as the United States clearly supported the first-Maliki government amid anticipation Iran warned silence Rossi, Iran supported al-Maliki, the second government amid anticipation US warned Gulf and the reluctance of a clear and effective, while the recent government-Abadi was the focus of a US welcome and Iranian careful, but welcome a clear and unspoken, but it is not supportive.

Intrinsic factor pro-Ebadi was influential simple by the strengthening of some of the convictions of the two axes, particularly the support of reference was the most prominent in the midst of this kind of conflict.

Today is a clear move to change the map "take power" in Iraq, and this change can not be him that gets outside the framework of "understandings - conflict" axes mentioned above, because Iraq is ultimately as is the case in Lebanon, Syria and Yemen operation and environment suitable for international conflict area.

Some of the country's political map completely aware of this and their variants, while others believe, "according to their understanding of" It's possible to happen the night and overnight.

Iraqi public opinion is the weakest link in the interior of this equation lobbies and pressure as well as the fact that foreign engines with distinction and Iraq does not come out from this circle until it reaches the stage that the blast is yet to come.

The flaw in that Iraq "is not a state and a tool axis" is distributed among the community itself as a "target" and among the political class as a "beneficiary" as well as civil Almjmta organizations and the religious establishment as a "prompt".

Be part of the axis does not mean a lack of itself if and paint play within the framework actor "elevated", but to be effect by "erected" always Hmaho failure itself on the overall situation in Iraq, and clear today for any simple any axes Iraq must choose this Selection is not based on a preliminary basis but on a purely pragmatic reformers, but it is important to be an active does not effect him.