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Association of economists are looking for ways to achieve economic reforms

Baghdad/Majed Jawad Prince

Economic Association held its rotating search subject (economic reforms ... Services and ways to achieve them).

Economic expert Bassem Jamil Anton, Vice-President of the Assembly reviewed the paper remnants of the economic policies of the previous years of unemployment, poverty, poor service and poor fiscal and monetary policy. The paper pointed to the economic hub the reform in the programme of Prime Minister and security related services and activating the role of the private sector, privatization, increased oil production and decentralized applications and the fight against corruption, where a team of expert technocrats in early 2015, away from the principle of quotas,

And they were the team to reduce dependence on oil revenue and diversify the economy through the basket of agricultural and industrial production, with tourist programme to simplify procedures in the State institutions, those programs that coincide with the mechanisms for the implementation of the programme for the rationalization of government spending and increase State revenue sources by akhrma to activate the role of the private sector that did not do justice to the past years doesn't rewarding retirement Act and does not to wages and salaries.

He referred to the teams that formed in the productive sectors and held meetings with professionals and competencies and scientific elites, as crystallized after 6 months of work worksheets successful plans to reduce dependence on oil rents with activating productive sectors resulting in job creation for the unemployed and reduce poverty and improve services, and has presented papers on Prime so approved and become enforceable.

And between Anton weak efficient implementation of governmental institutions and the reluctance of national will to some ministries, not effective implementation steps, although submissions in line with people's mobility and claim in the reform process, Anton stressed that no real reforms only with scaling the rampant corruption and move away from the principle of quotas by Government technocrats.

In the incarnation of a program to reduce spending, the Cabinet issued a new salary scale that the media did not deal with the positive aspects of this program, despite the reduction in salaries and the allocation of the three presidencies and the abolition of the retirement House and provincial councils where State media could not deliver a clear message to the Iraqi people, noted that salaries of allotments and drains 40 trillion dinars, 11 salary and 29 trillion trillion allocation.

And Dr. Akram Abdel-Aziz is a member of the governing body of the Association of economists working paper dealt with the deteriorating economic conditions and stressed the need to develop programmes to promote and reform of the economic situation and economic crisis stage crossing the country by reducing reliance on oil rents by moving a basket of national production.