The government crisis .. deficit in salaries of 10 trillion and amounts of the war and Services


BAGHDAD / JD / .. Prime Minister Haider Alebadian reveal the financial crisis gripping the government, while noting that the dam salaries deficit up to 10 trillion dinars in addition to the lack of funds for the war and services.

Abadi said during his speech, a group of university professors that the decline in oil prices dramatically and enter the country in a war that drains big money from the budget, put the government in a financial problem and seek to meet the requirements of resources.

He said the teachers had a distinct role in the community they are role models for him and that it is necessary to put them financial situation which is going through the country did not reduce allocations within What we want to do, but the repeated declines in global oil prices led to some of the measures because of the seriousness of the financial situation.

He added that the value of oil source close to 59 trillion dinars and there the cost of oil production remaining amount of 45 trillion dinars and there accumulated debt Valmtbaka be 40 trillion dinars and salaries and retirement needs 50 trillion dinars, how is spending on the war, health, education, agriculture and services, the poor and others?

He explained that some of the reforms affected their interests and trying to exploit these things because their interests were affected, but we'll get to a dead end if we do not take such a procedure.

He revealed some measures to be taken to reduce the damage from the staff who discharged advance funding of which reduce the benefits and reduce the amount of the monthly payment, and there is a re-consideration by committees in some joints.
He noted that the government is moving to change the dependence on oil as a key resource for the budget through the improvement and the rest of the sectors of the private sector.

He Some began to be pumped lies about salaries for political ends there who has the motivation to confuse. / End / 22 /