Parliamentary economy for "Zora": investment licenses will be awarded smoothly after the removal of obstacles to the routine

October 28, 2015 23:10

Author: alzawraapaper

Zora / Duraid Salman:

He praised the economic and investment commission in Parliament, the new investment law, saying it will remove all impediments to investment in Iraq, which was the cause of the spread of financial and administrative corruption in this regard, saying it contained an incentive morally to invest in the country, while imposing strict sanctions on Almtlkian investors.

The member of the Committee Najiba Najib in an interview for "Zora", yesterday: The new investment law voted by the Parliament, yesterday, addressed many of the problems in the investment side, most notably the "killer routine" which had been followed in government departments, which was the cause of the administrative corruption and financial, pointing out that the new law provided for the allocation of a single window in front of the investor in Iraq accomplish all things through investment and give him the necessary facilities for starting their work in just 15 days.

Najib explained: The law also included the issue of decentralization in investment decisions, and not as before, where the investment licenses granted exclusively in Baghdad, but the provinces can now become the granting of investment licenses.

She Najib: that the law dealt with the obstacles that were hindering Alastmar, while text on Almtlkian investors punished, indicating that the law granting the investor three months to complete the project and otherwise fine imposed upon him to withdraw the license granted to an investor.

Najib They pointed to that law alone is just not enough to revive the investment, but it must be firm and serious action to be reflected in the application on the ground.

On his part, said the economic and investment commission member of the parliamentary Almamori proof, that the investment law would be morally incentive to invest in the country, while noting that it included stiff penalties for all investors Almtlkian.

Said Mamouri: The reason for the deterioration of the economic situation of the country for the adoption of the financial budget on oil and non-observance of other sectors such as investment, industry and support, noting that the investment law will be an incentive morally to invest the domestic product, through the contents of paragraphs as important as the allocation of land and the elimination of killer red tape in this area.

He Almamori: that the law includes stiff penalties for all Almtlkian investors, adding that he imposes fines imposed on the investor who granted an investment license for the project and tarry.

The House of Representatives voted during its meeting held yesterday, the draft second amendment to the Law of Investment Law No. 13 of 2006.