The Prime Minister's spokesman, Saad Al-Hadithi, yesterday, the specialized Committee in the Council of Ministers are reviewing the new salary scale,

The Prime Minister's spokesman, Saad Al-Hadithi, yesterday, the specialized Committee in the Council of Ministers are reviewing the new salary scale, the review is a comprehensive peace, particularly the allocation of university teachers ", adding" that this Committee will soon announce results ", says Tuesday the role of the Prime Minister's economic adviser Mohammad Saleh appearance confirms that the new salary scale will apply next month for some committees amendments at present. He said: the Cabinet committees began modifications to the peace ", as he referred to the existence of a likelihood of a wait or incorporated into general laws such as the Federal service law, noting at the same time he did not know the peace that came within the reforms only after approval by the Cabinet. He noted that the problem in Iraq is that the adoption of the employee's salary be allotments and not on nominal salary as those

Allowances and privileges has many laws to leave balance. But, that all employees will be organized with a uniform law is not affected by the rise and fall. Several demonstrations have been condemning the decision amending the salaries, especially by university professors who have threatened to strike if their salaries reduced or canceled service law University. For their part denounced a number of members of Parliament and the decision to amend the salaries, said attorney Abdul qahar Samurai, that "there are serious indications of the new salary scale or an amendment has been made, so that certain paragraphs of the new peace contrary to laws, adding that" the Cabinet has no right to breach the peace, therefore, any modification must be prescribed by the House of representatives ", adding that" the amendment process would lead to confusion in the educational process, being a full-time process neglected, thus removing customizations Meant repeal of the law ". For his part, confirms the Vice-Chairman of the Committee for economy and investment representative Haris shanshal, said the House would hold a special session to discuss the new salary scale issued by the Council of Ministers, stressing that

The law cannot be repealed only by law, which means that any amendment or change in any material must be by the House of representatives. Member of the Finance Committee in the Chamber of Deputies Haitham al-Jabouri said, "the recent Cabinet decision to amend some allocations came to be contrary to the law and the Constitution because it disrupted service law and other laws", saying that "these laws cannot be frozen or repealed only by the Sejm. While economic expert Abdul Rahman Al-Mashhadani, reducing salaries within the new salary scales approved by Government does not achieve social justice as much as comes to cover the budget deficit, adding that the Government was looking for sources to reduce the budget deficit after failing to external borrowing, so accelerated in the Declaration on the application of the new salary scale». Gavin explains, «resolution adjustment in salaries came hasty», «the disparity between upper and lower job grades calculated on the basis of specific certification specifications, and that's normal and exists in all countries of the world». Economic expert name Abdul Hadi, said that reducing costs is a step in the right direction for reform, they should precede improvement of services», «many employees, especially Central of them affected by grades earned in salary, especially the aggrieved teachers and professors, so the Government halves this layer».