Deputy for the citizen: the new salary ladder disrupted the lives of the staff and had a negative impact on the Iraqi family

Deputy Citizen called for a block on the government to review its decision in the hierarchy of the new salary "to confuse the staff of life and reflected negatively on the Iraqi family."
Said Mohammed al-Masoudi in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that "the salary scale, passed by the Council of Ministers Law was a surprise to employees who arranged their lives living on a particular my pension the fact that most of them live in houses rent and the requirements of the difficult living in the present time, and this Law made them unable to fulfill all their obligations towards their families. "
He added that "this law negatively affects the Iraqi family stability while the Constitution guarantees an individual to live a free and dignified life," calling on the government to "reconsider this law in order to preserve the dignity of work in the Iraqi state and gave what he has spent most of his life in service delivery." .
Masoudi and pointed to "confirm the supreme religious authority to reconsider ladder salaries for Taufercbr measure of equality and social justice and the consolidation of citizen trust in the state," .