The new salary ladder up the pace of the differences between Abadi and "rule of law"
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Thread: The new salary ladder up the pace of the differences between Abadi and "rule of law"

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    The new salary ladder up the pace of the differences between Abadi and "rule of law"

    The new salary ladder up the pace of the differences between Abadi and "rule of law"

    OCTOBER 28TH, 2015

    BAGHDAD - promised Shammari:
    Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is facing a political crisis within the coalition of state law after the threat of 60 deputies for its removal from office, while sources on the movements led by Sheikh Abdul Halim Zuhairi to heal the rift caused, banner revealed that as a result of what has been described the illegality of the government taken measures under the umbrella of the reforms, which include the ladder salaries controversial, but a senior leader of the Liberal bloc Vest said that these differences within the corridors of the coalition, did not pose the withdrawal of confidence or authority within the National Alliance after the file.

    According to informed sources within the coalition of state law to the "New Morning", that "about 60 deputies currently stand deduced from Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and demanding his removal from office."

    The sources added that "those members representing most of the wings of the Dawa Party, and the Bloc Badr", as pointed out that "those who stood with Abadi They are only a block independent, headed by Hussein al-Shahristani, and the tide of reform of the Ibrahim al-Jaafari, as well as two of his own party who are on the Keywords and Walid ornaments.

    "She noted that" the differences escalated early last week after al-Abadi refused to meet deputies coalition to clarify some of the points a matter of controversy.

    "and went on sources that "The Alliance believes in reforms Abadi jumping on the Constitution and the unique decision-making," indicating that "from what resenting him to members of the state law's insistence to rely on the international coalition led by the United States of America, and not to resort to Russia in the hit organizing Daash sites."

    and goes on sources that " differences peaked when he was declared him the salaries of staff of the controversial and stuck Government-despite the criticism of the religious authority.

    "She stressed that" Congress coalition sent a message to al-Abadi asking him to clarify some facts and answered during the timeframe ends tomorrow, "adding that" Sheikh Abdul Halim Zuhairi the the role of mediator that connects letters between the Prime Minister and the rule of law.

    "The sources revealed" the directives issued by the leaders of a coalition of state law not to permit the media in this file, which may exceed the withdrawal of the mandate to keep Abadi from office.

    "reported that" the coalition is counting on the positions of resentful year of steps the Prime Minister and counting his failure in the management of state files, as well as some important circles within the National Alliance.

    "For his part, says a member of the delegation negotiating to block the Liberal Prince Kanani that" differences on Abadi occurred within the coalition of state law.

    "He denied Kanani said in an interview with "New Morning" reports that there are movements within the National Alliance in order to keep the prime minister from office.

    "As for the mandate and the possibility of withdrawing it, Kanani said that" granting of the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives at the invitation of the demonstrators and there is no authorization granted by the National Alliance .

    "Kanani said that" the coalition does not yet constitute a committee to evaluate the work of al-Abadi or our ministers in the least in order to give a position on the government's performance over the past years. "
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