Planning: Modify salary is better than a full stop

10/28/2015 10:38

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad

The Ministry of Planning, said on Wednesday that the government is forced to modify the salary scale being found that the amendment "is better than a stopover," while likely to come on the state can not pay salaries to its employees.

He said ministry spokesman Abdul Zahra al-Hindawi for "tomorrow Press," that "the government to come to adjust the salary scale compelled, I found that the amendment of the salary scale is better than to stop salaries in full, because the salaries of employees in the year 2015 amounted to 38 trillion dinars," indicating that "it may come on the state can not afford to pay salaries to its employees."

He added that "the order of life situation of the Iraqi people came to what comes from his monthly salary and as a result the change so quickly as possible to generate received reaction Street, but the government responded and formed a committee to reconsider the new peace."

The Hindawi that "the Iraqi market is a barometer, he is squeamish of any possible that appear on the surface, whether economic or political variables, Vqtaa in light of recent decisions on traction and attraction toward the salary scale is affected by the market, where there are critical mass of $ 38 trillion dinars are salaries and compensation State officials in 2015, and as a result are driven by the economy in Iraq in all fields and in all its details, if I moved or receive Bdilalha possible that the positive or negative market. "

The Iraqi Council of Ministers approved in (13 October 2015), on the recommendations of the reform of the system of employees' salaries.

And demonstrated a large number of financial oversight staff and others from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Commerce, Education and the Council of Ministers and the Secretariat of the Council and integrity in Baghdad and a number of provinces, to protest the new salary ladder.