MP Mohammed Al Dami from the White Iraqiya bloc ruled out discussing the cases of Vice President Tariq Al Hashimi and Deputy Prime Minister Salih Al Mutlag during the due National Conference for the political blocs leaders.

In a statement to NINA correspondent today, Dami demanded to sit together and take Iraqis interests into consideration, pointing out that there are external pressures on the political blocs, without naming those external parties.

He said we hope that the blocs would get back to each other and take Iraqis interests into consideration, not a particular blocs interest.

He explained Jamal Al Bateekh, secretary general of the White Iraqiya bloc will attend the conference as a representative of the bloc and will submit the blocs working paper, refusing to give any details about the paper.

As for the external influences on the conference, Dami added everyone knows that there are external influences from the neighboring countries, pointing out that for each bloc there is a neighboring country that helps and supports that bloc.